Wednesday, November 10, 2010

weather forecast for my head : continued fog

Ha Ha.
Now my keyboard refuses to write certain letters unless i bang on them and the caps are not working so this is no fun writing on.

a friend gave me hell for the last blog, she thinks i have all the answers already and it is bs.
another friend loved my sincerity.


i started the blog in 2007 because i was sure i was going insane, writing had always been my outlet so i started this as a journal but soon it got found and i managed to get a job from it for a few months, later some of the days were reprinted on other sites. hoping , i am, that it helped some people.

i am doing the very best i know how at this very day, i try and accomplish something instead of creeping back into bed and sleeping. will i get better, i sure in the h...hope so. this is all fresh, and unknown territory for me. my parents left more than a decade ago and that was a long distance mourning, also expected as they were aging. i still talk to my mother almost every day, the good thing is that she cant answer me anymore or she probably would be judgemental, she always was. i talk t o old bob and tell him that the boiler messed up again, that frank tried to fix the roof and that i miss him. he no longer cares in fact he has not cared for many years.

so this too will pass  i am happy because the yard has been cleaned up and the boiler has again a new part .........young bob tries to explain to me why there is still fog in the head ...the girls invite me for some activities in the next few weeks.

i wait for a new keyboard to come which bob ordered at amazon as a present so in the mean time i struggle with this old one , like its writer the keyboard is in a fog

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