Sunday, August 3, 2008

Another hot week

The temps have been way too high for this old gal.
The fans are working overtime in all the rooms.
I keep seeing this image of Elizabeh Taylor on a porch in the South fanning herself
was it "a cat on a hot tin roof?" or was it "Giant?" I think Orson Wells was in it too.
So this is the South, I thought, I will not go there.
Well, I have been here over 30 years now.
Get used to it old gal.
You are not going anywhere else or are you?

Home life makes me again angry, I can't make up my mind , be angry, cry, make jokes of it all,
in what file can I find the right mood.
Lets see, there is a file here "Everything is great with the world"
Yeah right.
Oh here is one" Pick yourself up and just do one step at a time"
OK that file will do for today but I can make the steps with a bit of anger.

The whole week I looked at B like he was a stranger.
He is a stranger, he stole my husband.
He continues to think all cars are his.
He checks doors all the time.
We tell visitors to lock their cars.
The girl across the street locks her car!

So far he left the tomatoes alone, one is making it into a red shade without his
assault. Great!
So far 3 watermelons have been allowed to get bigger.
I check them perhaps 4 times a day.

We got a sort of nanny camera and we can see where he goes in
the front and back yard.
It is a great tool, ot was inexpensive, we got it at Toiys R US

Son goes into different modes of grieving but he does not talk much.
He is moody.
I always want to please people so I am trying to see if I can fix it only
to aggravate his mood.

I no longer enjoy my work as I used to but then also I do not want to
come home after work.

What is this a nagging day?
Lets see if I can get to work and see if I can hear some laughter, we are
having an employee day with discounts and chicken and ice cream.

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