Sunday, August 24, 2008

Comparing notes.........................

We all seem to have some cross to bear.
A young friend of mine was told by her charming husband that he wanted out of the marriage.
They are in the middle of the hussle about mortgages and will no doubt loose the house.
He is fed up being poor so , I am guessing, he thinks that leaving his wife and 2 children is
going to be the answer.
The poor girl , in her thirties, is beside herself.
She does not know how she can afford to live with her 2 teen age girls with the small salary
she earns.
As I was falling asleep I was thinking about her.
I saw the big tears rolling down her cheeks and nothing much I could say but hug her.
I sent her to the place of abused women. They have ways to find lodging and stuff like that
to start over again (I hope).
My troubles seemed so small next to hers.
I looked at my husband who was just snoring and talking to himself in between the noise.
I was wondering what he must be dreaming/
Does the memory come back in your dreams?
Our lives are almost over but that girl is starting a shaky road.
But .....another thought came to me and that was a photo of myself
age 36 , alone with 2 girls, ages 8 and 10.
Had not worked in ages, I had insisted on being an at home Mom.
Did I make it?
I sure did and I did so much better when that life was behind me
and I started anew.
So I started to think about my friend and saw her smiling in her future surroundings.
She will be fine.
We all have a crooked road now and then.
Eventually it becomes straight.

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