Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Party at the Biltmore

I was invited, I did not want to go. I wanted to stay home and just crash ,ignore what is outside.
I had to make sure I had a nice presentation as I was going to a party of my daughter's employers.
They were serving prime rib, I can't remember when if ever I ate prime rib. It was never in my budget. So that does not appeal to me.
Finally, I thought if I continue this trend of not wanting to go somewhere I am going to be agorophobic like my son.
So I tried on several outfits till I did not care what I looked like and threw something on
dressed up with jewelry , a touch of lipstick and ready to go.
Daughter too was in no mood to go but we made sort of a gloomy pair on the way to the
house where the festivities were.
It's a grand house, mind you, In fact the biggest privately owner castle in the USA.
It is the Biltmore house. All employees were invited and could bring a guest . Appreciation was given by the Cecil's who own the place.
The dinner was great, I had very nice juicy turkey , daughter's plate was covered by the
prime rib!!!!One could even go for seconds if one could finish the first plate!!
The son and daughter who took over the management of the "House" gave speeches of thanksgiving to the employees.
They are extremely low key. They do treat their employees very well.
So I sat on the terrace with the Vanderbilt ghosts peering out of their windows , I think they must have been pleased and I was too that I made the effort to get out and enjoy
an evening with my gorgeous daughter.

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