Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Now I am pissed.
But it had to happen.
Too much sunshine, no rain= restrictions.

Hendersonville implements mandatory water restrictions
published August 5, 2008 11:13 am

HENDERSONVILLE – Hendersonville residents will not be permitted to water lawns or fill swimming pools as the city implements mandatory water restrictions.


Hendersonville officials made the announcement today, citing the drop in the flow of the Mills River.

Because Hendersonville provides water to Laurel Park and Saluda, those towns will also be required to implement mandatory restrictions.

“As the Mills River continues to drop in flow, the city of Hendersonville is implementing mandatory water restrictions to ensure our ability to meet the core water needs of customers," according to a news release from the city. “By declaring a Phase II water shortage condition, the city and county will enforce restrictions on a number of uses, and violators may be subject to disconnection of their water service or a fine of up to $500.”

Until mandatory restrictions are lifted, the following restrictions are in place:

• Watering of lawns, shrubs, trees and flowers is prohibited.

• Vegetable gardens may only be watered once a week up to one inch of water.

• New or existing pools may not be filled.

• Washing of sidewalks, decks, driveways, patios, or homes or buildings is prohibited.

• Washing cars is prohibited, unless at a commercial car wash which recycles water.

• Operation or filling of ornamental fountains, pools or ponds is prohibited.

• Drinking water at restaurants shall not be served unless requested by the patron.

• Operation of water-cooled air conditioners is prohibited, unless the water is recycled.

• Any other unnecessary use or intentional wasting of water is prohibited.

According to the release, residents can help with the city’s enforcement effort by reporting violations or problems to the city’s Drought Response Hotline at 233-3215. A coalition of Hendersonville water and sewer employees, city code inspectors, city police and county sheriff deputies will be used to enforce the Phase II water restrictions.

Voluntary conservation above and beyond the mandatory restrictions is strongly encouraged, according to the release.

Use of rainwater or other recycled water for any of the above uses is not restricted. For instance, the city will continue to use recycled water to water plants in planters on Main Street.

The city of Hendersonville water system serves a population of over 60,000 residents in Henderson County, and draws its water from the Mills River. The city also purchases water from the Asheville.

In addition to its direct customers, the city provides water to the Town of Laurel Park and Saluda, both of which will be required to implement mandatory restrictions based on Hendersonville’s restrictions. A decision to lift mandatory restrictions will be made based on continued monitoring of customer usage and the rate of flow in the Mills River.

I spent too much money flowers to see them die in August.

Hate this.

We have been catching rain water this summer but that supply will soon be gone.

I will have to shut down the water feature and let it dry

where will the frog go? Return the fishes to Sabrina/

Anyone know a good rain dance?

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