Sunday, August 31, 2008

Excited about election

Now that the cards are on the table and we know the players so we can see
who should win the jackpot.
Geez, are we going back to the middle ages?
This Alaska bird has been on ice too long, she should take a trip tp San Francisco and
visit some gay couples, she should go to New Orleans and see what a hurricane can do and expected to do again, she should visit New York and check out where the towers where.
She should visit out soldiers in the major hospitals , she needs to pray that her son does not
end up there.
Least of all she should visit China, one must be nice to the people we owe money too, no?
Maybe bring them a salmon or two.
Go talk to the nut house in Iran, check out what legacy Bushy has left behind.
Alaska???Where is that? at the end of the Carnival Cruise.

Hillary could not be cloned so this is the answer????????

I am having such a great time this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love Biden more than Obama , the man is not a wealthy politicians, what does that mean to little old me? Means he did not collect a lot of "do re mi" from the people he owed favors too.
He did not fill his pockets with special interest , if he had he too could have many houses.
He is a regular Joe. But one with brain power and he can talk.
I do not care if he takes the air out of the room as some say, I love what he has to say,
I learn from him.
On to November, Obama time and lets home Teddy can be there in January as he promised.

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