Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I am having a big surprise in one of my games. I love to play Farmtown it keeps my head at another place for a few minutes. It is a distraction.
One puts up a farm, houses, rivers, etc...the more you play the more points you get and can add to the decor of your farm.
To put up a flag you need special points, either you buy them or you work for them on the farm.
I am not about to buy anything for a free game so I wait till I have enough points by "working" the farm.
I put up a Belgian flag. Thought it neat to have that and then work for the American one. Thought perhaps I also would gather Belgian email friends.
Well, you can also hire other people to plow and harvest your farm.
I have made friends with many from different countries. That is a plus of the game.
After about 2 months I am following a pattern now.
When I "hire" people to work on the farm there is a new twist. Several have stopped (their avatar)right by the flag and have not continued to work.
At first I thought it an internet glitch but it has happened to often to be that.
So how dumb is that?
First of all I think perhaps "they" do not even know that it is a Belgian flag.
Will they only work on American farms? How ridiculous an attitude is that!
It is a game, guys.
It is a friggin game.
Get a life.

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