Monday, February 1, 2010

Short month, Feb 2010

Small victory , yesterday with very little arguments his majesty shaved by himself.
Not only that he did a great job, remembered to go under the chin and under the nose (a bit).
I was very pleased.

Snow still stacked around us so the bus did not pick up people for day care!

I look at the snow and imagine that the tulips are pushing under the earth and hoping to come up soon.

Yeah, life is OK.

I have a luncheon date on Wednesday and I see on the weather map that
it should be sunny. After that it will be till next Tuesday before we see sun again.
Yup more MIX coming.
It is a winter to remember.

Bobby has a very bad infected tooth and I do not know how we will get some antibiotics. He just can't leave the house. It is frightening.

Sabrina is ill in bed for day 4 with a very bad cold. So the kiddies being sick is not very good in continuing to be up.
I try my best even with old grouchy being grouchy in his corner.

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