Monday, February 8, 2010

Weather is all we talk about now

Monday Feb 8 2010

This much of winter has us all talking about nothing else.
Amazing how many words are uttered now about snow, rain, cold and so forth.
To say that we have had enough in the South is to voice it mildly.
Just think what the Midwest is seeing now. Probably it will come this way again.
Nothing we can do about it, not a darn thing yet we spend a lot of energy talking about it and writing about it.

Today it was a balmy 42 and when I checked the 10 day forecast that is the best "heat" we will have for the next week +.

I was able to have my usual walk with the dogs without falling over ice and snow, it had been weeks since did this.
It felt like I was a new person.

SO here goes : tomorrow weather , mix rain and snow.

Bye Bye

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