Sunday, February 28, 2010


Recuperation is very slow.
If he can't go back to the day care I am not sure what I will do.
Thismorning was interesting-again- I thought he was still asleep but instead he was getting into his pants to get dressed by himself. His "pants" today was his best sweater which he stretched out over his derriere and forced the sweater to look like pants. Well, if it had been a plaid sweater he could have joined the

Then he did not like the oatmeal and put the stuff into my orchid plant.
My orchid needs feeding today but not that.
If he does not give it to the dogs he gives it NOW to the plant. New scenario.

I am going to shock my kids.
I have decided that I am ready to be dirt poor and put him in a nursing home.
They will take his his social security and his vet pension plus nibble on my house when I am gone.
I will be left with my social security which will hardly pay for utilities. I have made it so far during a war as a kid and many days of feast or famine with an artist husband , I am guessing I will make it some more but I am so friggin' tired. I am at the end of my rope.
It was easier when I had my faith. Over the last years that has faded until it is gone. I wish I still had that blind faith but it is gone and to face reality without that is very hard. Reality it is. It is life and life is not always kind.
To my Christian friends I would tell you not to try and bring me back in the fold. Please, leave me be.
My best Jewish friend knows that and she has been my sound board for over 50 years. She knows when to let me be.

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