Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March 2 and snowing

They say that the Almanac had it right, they predicted it.
I do not care what they predicts I just want the bulbs to have a chance to come up. I want to see spring.
6 inches we have.
My annual check up canceled, now that I needed to go as I have chest problems and sound like a seal.
Lungs are my weak points, have been since I was 8.
One minute I have a fever and the next I am cold. I am a mess.
By the time the snow will be gone I will be healed-I sure hope so-

Old Bob is wound up, gave him his calm pill but he is running all over the house.
Does not sit down. Touches everything.
I better hide the scissors.
Last week in 5 minutes time he cut up our gorgeous bed covers.
Today he found my keys which I hid and I have yet to find them.
We do not want him outside.

I am totally exhausted,
how many times have I said this in the last 3 years?

We are checking in to nursing homes and the costs.

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