Saturday, March 20, 2010

Next day feeling better 2010

Last night was a hard one.
As the tears started to flow the emotions, all negative, became bigger and bigger and
a phone call to my son got me out of the groove.

4 oclock I had enormous pain im my toes, drove my chair to the nurses station who gave me
a pain pill and told me to absolutely have the leg higher than the heart.
I had done 50/50 I hate tp lay flat, so I corrected that and by morning my swollen toes looked liked
old shrivelled up prunes. Pain gone.I got tokeep that up.

Interestingly on my way in the hall I observed a man younger than my husband, he sat all dressed and neat,
his bed he had made up too and he was waiting. Waiting for no one.
How often had Bob done that? Dressed himself and then wandered until I could finally coaxe him back into
bed. Dozens of times,I did this or Bobby.
I smiled and had to admit that I would not have to do that again.
On my way back to my room, I smelled some familiar scents, 3 aids were cleaning and stripping an old
lady's bed while she watched from her wheel chair totally unaware of what was going on.
How many times did I change our bed? Hundreds and hundreds.
I had to admit to myself that I would not miss it.

I had to admit that in this late stage Bob was in a very good place.
He had 24/7 care and could not get lost, there is even a cop on duty at the door.
He has no idea about me or the kids.
He is in another world.
I am going to be OK
I am OK

thanks Lee for your nice letter.
Yes, I was fortunate to have had all these years with someome who loved
me very much. Not many women can say that.
I was very lucky in love with the second try!!!!!

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