Sunday, March 14, 2010


Hospital stay
March 3 continued
In the ER I find my trusted son in law.
His working wife sent him on a mission.
He becomes my ears with the doctors.
I am thinking that perhaps they might keep me overnight.
I so want to stay one night and sleep and rest alone.
I keep listening to the talks and finally a young doctor tells me:
what do you mean ? You want to go home tomorrow if possible?
What do you think?
You smash your ankle you are going to have surgery and
you will be here for a few days for sure.
I do not know if the drugs are working but I am thinking
that is cool, I want a few days in bed, meals being served, cool.
Not a second thought about the bum leg, just the rest.
It is cool to be here I do not have to check on Bob.
Where and what he is does not concern me now.
I am off the hook.
I am saved from obligations, saved from devotions.
Saved, and I can sleep.
They give me a room by myself.
I am still in heaven.
How cool is that, a room by myself and a bathroom too.
I tell Frank to go home , all I want is to be alone and sleep.
Let me snore, let me forget a clock, forget the what I need to do.
I do not ask about my husband, my caregiving is down the shute.
Frank leaves and I close my eyes.
Nurse comes and tells me I will have surgery in the evening.
Whatever!Let me sleep.
Nurse tells me I cant eat all day.
Whatever! I need sleep.
The trip to the surgery wing is a lost memory and
so is the whole time my broken ankle is being repaired
with pins and wires or whatever hard ware they found about.
Return to my room is vague, Sabrina there, vague
I want to sleep some more.
Nurse comes every five minutes :
on a scale of 1 to 10 what is your pain?
I answer 5
well here is a button when you hurt push the button.
OK leave me all alone and let me sleep.
I give orders to Sabrina I do not want to see anyone.
We did 5 days with daddy at the VA just last week,
I do not want people to sit here and look at me while
they gave up work hours and much needed money.
We overdid it with Dad. I just want quiet.
Maybe tomorrow I go home and then what waits me?
Quiet please.
The little black button is easy to learn about.
Show a banana to a monkey just once and he will be back for more.
Show a morphine drip to one in pain and … get the picture.
I am told I will be there for 4 days.
I was thinking how I can hop on one leg around the house.
Maybe we better get a wheelchair.
Crutches, that is it I will use crutches.
Get Bob on the bus again and all will be like before.
I will be well rested.
What were you thinking, Jeannot?
The social worker comes by and talks to me.
OK she tells me a story about a place I need to go
and watched over.
Moi? Needing someone? Are you kidding me?
Does this bird not know that I am quite capable of taking care
of me and my husband, thank you very much.
So without a choice I am being farmed out for recuperation.
I am going to rehab.
Ouch , that hurts, I have morphine for 4 days and Vio....and I am already going to rehab. So works my mind.
I never heard of rehab for a broken ankle.
To be continued......................

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