Sunday, March 14, 2010

March 3, 2010

March 3 2010
I am exhausted. What is new.I have a sinus problem, I cough my brains out at night and I can't sleep when down so I go and sit upright in my favorite lounge chair. I “sleep” like that most of the night.Bijou in my lap, he hardly moves.By 6 am he decides it is time for his peepee walk.I had kept on my day clothing thinking that old Bob might need me in emergency during the night.The five days in the VA hospital have made me more vigilant then ever.So before the first light of dawn I grab my leather coat , dress Bijou in his and go on the porch in the cold night air.Somehow it feels good for a few seconds, cold, fresh, try and breathe.One step with left foot on a small patch of ice and I am down at the bottom of the 4 step entry way.Left leg is half under me and part of foot sticking out, looks like I did a split but I never made it tothe ballerina state before. I am calm and I hurt, yup a biggie booboo I tell myself.Pull the leg next to the other as I sit on the cold steps and Bijou has decided to sit on my belly.The ankle has scraped the cement, that is minor (I tell myself) the foot looks crooked and that worries me a bit.Deciding to get help inside the house where every one is still asleep.Not a soul on the street either.I try and stand on the leg and I hear a crack. It had to be loud as I hear nothing much.I figured that this is another booboo and I did something stupid.I crawled on my derriere step by step dragging the injured leg and hoping I can make it to the door.Door oddly enough was easy to open a bit , usually it is shut tight.I crawl the last few inches into the kitchen and start yelling for Bobby.
Poor Bobby , he suffers from insomnia and when he finally does sleep you better not wake him up.He is a bear in hibernation. So he comes into the kitchen : What the F Mom? I was just asleep!I calmly tell him : Call 911 I broke my leg.He comes around the table and looks at the leg and turns white as a sheet.Mom!!How did you do that?Go call, Bobby, I need help.
The ambulance comes gives me oxygen and an IV is started ….............11 hours later I am in surgery and my whole world as I knew it yesterday iscrumbling like the bones in my ankle................

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