Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Home real soon now

march 23 2010

When they serve you Kool-Aid in a rehab center should you worry???

Bad joke.

OK OK like the kids say : 3 more sleeps and I will be home.
I can't wait.

Sure it is somewhat nice to have your meals brought to you and someone
makes up your bed. It is not home. It's not a spa. It's not a gorgeous hotel
by the Med. It is still very depressing as you go around the halls and you see
the old ladies and gents slumped over not truly wanting to do anything
anymore. Rehab? Push 1 lb bell up and down? They just do not care anymore.
Scary for you wonder if that your next trip here? Will I end up like that?

Bring on the Kool-aid and add something stronger.

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