Thursday, February 4, 2010

the snow blues

I can't remember now when the yard did not have a ton or patches of snow.
This afternoon about 3 o clock we start all over again. Mix they tell us, a mix. They are not talking about a nice Marguerite mix, no, they are talking about either an ice storm or more snow. Take your pick, oh no, we can't pick it just comes.
I have tons to do and I just SIT, I am not depressed, I am just tired of this snow and cold weather. Not to even mention the gas bill.
The two girls are ill and son has a tooth infection and in terrible pain.
Old Bob did not know a thing this morning, he did not remember the bus nor the driver and wanted OUT.
I pushed him back in and said he was going to a place where they sing!
I hope it is the singing day, oh well, he wont remember that either so .....
He got up at 5 and maybe this is why I am just sitting here.
Bring on the flowers, bring on the spring.
enough is enough

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