Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A great Day

The lady at the shop called and said I have been selling something every day.
She did not remember what exactly.
I have a lot of doo dads in there ...from $5.00 and up and a basket with lavender pouches. The pouch sells for 3.00.
I so love lavender.
That way I can fill my drawers with it at wholesale prices.
I am so smart.

I am feeling much better the last 2 days and wonder if it is the thyroid.
Mills has tripled my medicine.

I welcome the change.
I was even dancing alone in my kitchen like I often used to do.
The dogs do not like it, they bite my heels, jealous beasts!

Bobby never danced so no chance that he will join in.

Old Bob could not dance at all. He had 4 feet when he tried.
Had no rythm at all in his body yet he knew every libretto to his operas except Wagner.
In his last days I sat next to him and sang from Carmen was a riot, a good thing he was out of it. I can't sing a note. Yet to me I am thinking I am
damn good so I believe they call that being tone deaf.

I am so focused on what I need to clean out and do away with I started to look in the living room and saw out of the corner of my eye a lovely blue urn, I thought for a split second :"that is pretty, do I need that?"
The next split second I was almost on my ex Catholic knees asking for forgiveness
the urn contains Ari's ashes. A good thing Bobby does not read my blogs.
But then his humor is so odd he probably would laugh.

Did not want Bob's ashes in the house. So he is flowing in the river in the lovely forest , the river runs into the French Broad River. Very appropos.
Of course I am not French. However we do not have a Flemish Broad River not anywhere I know off.

Going to bed. Enjoyed American Idol tonight.
Some good young voices.
I still have a crush on Steven Tyler but surely he had work done on his face, his cheeks are so tight ...and all that hair...he has more hair then La Lopez...did not cotton to her before either but she does seem human on the show.

Go to bed Jeannot, Bijou is begging.

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