Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring is in the air

I kid you not.
Spring is in the air in Western North Carolina.
OK OK so our worst snow storm was on March 15 1993
and we were in Europe.
Bobby was working at ITT as a night guard and the roofs
collapsed around him. He was extremely affected by that night.

BUT.............from my window while typing I see dozens of birds coming to the feeder. Even now and then a yellow finch, the red ones have been here all along.

It is supposed to be close to 70 this week.
I can start walking Bijou for long walks again but so many LARGE dogs have moved around us. One guy has 3 of them, all different breeds. He often walks them without leashes. Where is my spray??? I probably would be sued if I used it.
When I see Judge Judy people sue for the weirdest thing.
They sue for 50 bucks. Come on. They just want to be on TV.

Judge Judy quote: If it is a teen ager then he/she are lying.

"They do not keep me here because I am gorgeous , they keep me here because I am smart" (and she is, imagine having her as a mother)

She kinds out stuff that the FBI could not find.

Back to pricing, found another box labeled "For sale".
Got to go

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