Sunday, February 20, 2011

sleep less because of New Yorker

So Brie gives me the New Yorker for Christmas, so what do I do now?
I crawl in bed about 11 and start reading and if it is interesting I read on and on till morning hours creep in.
Did that last night as I read about Scientology.
I had , of course, read about it here and there but this is rather in
depth and I just could not believe what I read.
This all exists?

Mind you I am very tolerant of all religions, to each his own, to each his and her freedom to believe what they want. Scientology is more a dictated way of living. and yes I would say a cult.

I hate the word "cult" as we moved to the Bible belt Bob soon found out that people said he was in a cult.
He was devastated about that.
He was born in a Christian Science household, his grandmother and mother never left that faith and neither did Bob. Only when he started into his mental state could I get medicine down him.
For years I had been trying to smuggle an aspirin in jam and sanwhich, it never worked. He was always healthy too , read the Bible and his daily lesson all the time. So I let him be and did not interfere except we had a rule that the kids would see doctors and they did.

What I read was about beatings and stripping people of their identity?
How cruel is that? Left without passports, money and away from families which incidently you have to do when your family does not join the group.

So I did not sleep well after reading it all either.
BUT like son tells me:
If you cant fix it let it be.

When I told Bob what I read he already had read it all years ago
and nothing was new to him.
Mom, I know all that , thre law suits , money etc....
nothing new.

Let me find a fun article tonight.

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