Saturday, February 19, 2011


Why did I name my new "business" Serendipity?
Because I am so smart with fancy words?
Are you kidding me?
I never had an English lesson, I taught myself when I came here in 1955

so here goes :

M. E. Graebner describes serendipitous value in the context of the acquisition of a business as "windfalls that were not anticipated by the buyer prior to the deal"

the word has been voted as one of the ten English words that were hardest to translate.

So why do I call my business Serendipity? None of the above apply for me. Simply that in 1969 another grey haired lady had a bead shop and taught me everything about the difference in beads. At that point I had never heard of a Murano bead, jet beads were foreign to me let alone the difference between glass and crystal. It was the age of Aquarius and beads were “in”. Her shop was “Serendipity” and I will always remember her.

Now I am 79 and needed to restart my engines, husband passed on with Alzheimer disease. Son taught me about gemstones such as Jasper, Jade, Onyx, Malachite, Lapis Lazuli and a whole lot more about unexpected beads made from fossils.
I fell in love with the natural design in all these pieces and now I am back in business

I am hoping that you will enjoy viewing my collection, I add and change this every week
So be my guest and try on a necklace, enjoy the designs and colors in nature.

By the way, my name is Jeannot

That is what I posted in my new mini shop!!!!!Serendipity

the quote may just work :""windfalls that were not anticipated by the buyer prior to the deal"

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Anonymous said...

I've been home sick for a week. In bed, tissues everywhere, novels with book marks, tea, honey and lemon on a silver tray you gave me mom. That against the backdrop of a rich upholstered red quilt surrounded by original paintings and one might think they walked into the room of a 5th avenue apartment heiress. I love beautiful things about me. What can I say, something you and Daddy inplanted.

So, while I was sick the world moved on and you opened your shop -we had plans to go look at it last weekend. Eat up with fever I was sleeping instead. Still in my jammies, I come to the computer to see what's new with the world. "Seredipity". This is the name of the 42 foot Westsail that was for sale about three years ago in Annapolis, Maryland. Had I had 140K in the bank that's where I would be writing from instead of my apartment in the mountains. I go online every so often to see if the present owners have decided to move on and are ready to part with her. So far no sign of her in the ads - she must be out having her adventures.

As I contemplate laundry, cleaning the 1 gallon fish tank in Peter's bedroom, running the vacuum and opening the windows and beginning the week I mark Sunday down again in hopes that we can go see your new shop.

Love ya Mom - Rhonda