Thursday, September 15, 2011

everything is c0ming up roses

yup, everything is going so smoothly it is scary, I have to turn around the feeling that the other shoe will drop. Last many months have been surprises which were not pleasant.
It was with some trepidation that I went to the place where they make pancakes out of your breasts and then tell you everything will be .......
I had a good report, everything clear.
As my Dr ordered I am just checking off all the possibilities of the cancer having
gone other places.
So far all is good.
Next the dreaded colonoscopy.
Everything in the household is working smoothly.
Bought 2 new fixtures for hall and office.
The one in the office is way to dim and winter is coming = dark at 4 o clock.
Sabrina is my electrician, she comes next week to put them in.
This girl should have been a boy, when she enters Lowes she beams and smiles like a Cheshire cat. She loves tools. Loves paints. Loves mirrors. Loves gadgets of any kind. I think she needs a gift card in Lowes instead of Steinmart.
She was always more of a tom boy when she grew up and was in adoration of het "Princess" sister, but it was not in her genes to be a "princess".

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