Friday, September 23, 2011

the walk with dogs

I walk Bijou up the hill to the ancient cemetery.
There are 2 huge lawns there waiting for occupants.
There Bijou likes to roam and squat.
So this morning on a misty grey day I just roam around the lawns letting Bijou
smell every leaf and grass blade. Then it came to me that a recent film I saw on
Darwin showed how he walked on his estate between the trees and flora and always looked for life under his feet. Thousands of specimens he collected every where.
So I started to think how very shallow my walks had been.
What was I thinking while I watched the white furry one bury his nose in this other world? Did I think about the ants I had squooshed and killed just now.
Did I notice that a small moth fled to safety just before my big foot went down?
Did I pay attention to anything at all?
My mind was trying to decide what I could accomplish today, should I do the floor first? Should I do the package I promised? Should I walk to the post? Should I make pasta again for dinner tonight. How many minutes was I out here, 20 minutes counts for 1 point in WW. These ridiculously mondane things are all I can muster.
How much we have learned from scientist like Darwin because they did not bother with this simple life and searched for more answers.(They had wives to cook for them)
They are still out there, they are still looking for cures, they are still looking for the unknown today so it can be common knowledge tomorrow.
Oh! Wait! (she says in excitement , look over there something yellow!
I run towards a plot of yellow mushrooms, they are "my thing", I tell myself I should learn moe about them. I have lots of photos of them and tomorrow I will take the camera. Further there are some huge ones and they look like misformed potatoes, they are ugly! Are they all poisonous? How many people died before they figured out which ones were poison???? Did the Lords send out their slaves to test them?
Did the Kings watch the jester have a bite before he would?
I do not feel so bad after all, the walk has made me think about mushrooms and I am ready to fix the portobello tonight.
Maybe these mushrooms could become medication, maybe they are already being used for that.

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