Monday, September 26, 2011

heater or fans?

Last week I wondered about getting the heater going, instead I put on another sweater the pat few days the fans have been going!!!!
That kind of mish mash weather makes your whole psyche upside down.
It does me for sure.
Besides that the allergies are in full bloom together with the gorgeous yellow
bushes sitting next to the gorgeous purple asters down the street.
Yellow= I forgot their name , it will come to me about midnight tonight.

Trying to duplicate my window boxes to Belgium, they use Erica's all the time there and they are lovely in the middle of winter. Can't find them here in stores, nowhere.( My mother had a small box by the opening of a balcony on her apartment. Every winter she had it full of erica's and it was so pleasant to look at the purple buds showing up amidst the snow.)
Back to the store:
They look at me like they hear it thunder in Berlin.
Say what? (OK that was a Belgian expression not appropriate for NC, maybe?)
Anyway they say : Erica???
I say heather and then "one know it all" said:" we only sell them in the spring."
Go get another job. It is a winter plant too, dummy.

Saw "Ironman" yesterday ,to my surprise I liked it.
Then the beginning of Desperate Housewives which I think was sort of predictable and not so hot. It is their last season. Hope they find work after that series.

Think it is House tonight the new beginning.

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