Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nothing new worth mentioning

Tuesday= shopping day

Managed to find 2 NEW sweaters at Goodwill , I love plush sweaters and there they were waiting for me, plus Christmas paper at $1.00 a roll , can't beat that.

Sabrina installed the new light in the office, the other one was too dim for the work I will be doing here in winter time. We picked out a 5 light one and it is a great difference as I can see what I am writing.

Lowes we found some viola's the little ones supposedly will survive winter IF the winter is mild....we shall see..I only bought 5 for my boxes....hope to find some
erica's soon like in Belgium boxes, they do well in winter. I should check eBay.

Brie is suffering with hot spells and acts like a lady in menopause.
You know like a pregnant one without the kid to show for.
She is still my rock as she stood sweating and hanging lamps.

I am now running around in sweaters , we AGAIN went from the heat to cold overnight.
low 70's and overcast but little rain.

Wonder when I will cut down the hostas and hoard them in a corner since now I
have so many in pots.

Been busy with beads. Shop very quiet this month we are hoping for a good leaf season and that would bring in the tourists.

Zack will be 16 soon and how can that be????
He was a baby just yesterday!!!
He is going to school trip by train to DC. Did it last year too.
More kids signed up this year and is that not the best education they can get.
So many options in DC to visit and learn from. There is also the new
Martin Luther King statue.
Glad he can go.

A gentleman wrote me that he purchased Bob's paintings in Florida, decades ago, he read my blog and was sorry to hear of his ending with A. He said how much he loves looking at his painting in his dining room.
Bob leaves a lot of legacy with his work. People still looking at his paintings and just loving them. He would be smiling if he read the compliments.

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