Sunday, September 18, 2011

sunday sept 18 2011

OK so I do listen to Amanpour on Sunday morning and there is this fellow who I am hoping does not know much but declared that Perry will probably be the nominee.
I do not have enough money to leave the country but by golly I do not cherish that thought at all.
Texas is one state to govern, all of the USA is quite another matter.
Did he not want to separate Texas from us all????

Trivia: all of the above. .....

Real trivia: son's girlfriend, Shannon, brought me a cinnamon kitchen smells heavenly. I did not think these brooms would give off so much scent. Love it.

Real, real trivia: Sabrina went on all these huge going to the sky machines at the State fair. She is now brave since she did the swinging in the trees adventure.
Good for her. We can't live in fear all our lives....she says as she.....fears...and fears...

No trivia: sailors had a very bad night when a big storm came and they were anchored, it seems when that happens you better check your anchors OFTEN.
In their case they could have landed on the rocks along the shore.

Life is exciting at sea, when you have a sailor's stomach to go with it.

Back at beading, must catch up, Christmas shopping will be here before you know it.

Went to Steinmart, Amy on vacation now and leaves October 1st for Indiana.
Kathy manager from then on.
Susan not happy that she is not second in command but did not make an effort to sign up for that either.
Friday morning there is a party for Amy and they invited me.
Staff there is now at minimum.
Isabel still there.
I received a welcome from every one there.
They still love me, how about that?

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