Monday, April 14, 2008

3.30 in the morning and no place to go

I am back to the habit of not sleeping a full night. Three o clock in the morning and I wake up to demons rushing about in my head. I can come up with more "what if"s" then anybody I know.
Even so yesterday was an OK day. We had a good sale at the store and met our goals so I could be busy counting money and put in a few hours more. My friends in Belgium became grandparents.
Bob was doing ok.
Of course I am worried about the Corgy, she is not herself and just sits in a corner where we can hardly see her. When we take her for a walk she digs her feet into the dirt and refuses to come back in the house. She will need to see a vet but how to get her to one is another story.
Bobby's car broke down and the girls are working tomorrow.
There I go with the "what if" scenario.
We had dogs when I was little. My father raised German shepherds and I we never had shots and all that stuff we do today for animals. We gave them kitchen scraps and they seemed to be
doing fine.
I better get some sleep. I am rattling and rattled.

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