Friday, April 11, 2008

Great day

Thank God it is Friday say the bureaucrats but I start my week on Friday.
It does not matter, one day blends into the next day.
But this Friday I had lunch with two good friends and I had verbal diahrea as always.
I am becoming my mother.
When she had a visitor, the visitor was a prisoner to her talks.
I am a talker. So be it.
Also I have few people to talk to these days since Bob and I were talking non stop to
each for 30 years of our marriage.
What in heavens did we say to each other?
I know we talked all the time. what is worse we almost always agreed with each other.
The last 10 years have changed all that, slowly the talks were gone, the conversation dried up
into a dry pond. The idea fading from Bob's mind on what subject he should pick or answer me on.
So my dear friends have all the patience in the world and listen to me for 2 hours.
Is my life so interesting? Au contraire it is boring to the max.
SO C and L thank you for being there.
You are better than the 150 dollar shrink!

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