Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My yard os for the birds

I had about 6 bird feeders in my yard, most are squirrel proof. The kind with a motor so the squirrels go for a ride if they decide to come for dinner. Young Bob has bought most of them for me for presents. Enter young Bob who comes to help and he has another half dozen feeders.
Lucky for me I found a good food mixture at Sams which is reasonable.
Years ago when Bob started to sit a lot in the kitchen, we decided to put the feeders right
by the window. The bird people told me it would not work as it is too close by the house.
They were wrong, birds came. I had dozens of the finches, the redish ones but the yellows
were not to be seen.
Two years ago we put up feeders by the living room window which is now Bob's rest area.
Lot of birds, but the yellow finches still did not come.
Now that young Bob rearranged the feeding stations somewhat we suddenly have droves of the yellow finches and more woodpeckers.
He put up the thistle feeders were they eat upside down.
It is such a joy to look out and see the birds taking turns on the many feeders.
When I walk the dog in the morning there is such a noisy concert that even my deaf ears are
hearing it.
As I see it, it is great entertainment for old Bob. He calls me whenever a cardinal shows up
but he can't remember the color. It just breaks my heart that this genius painter now can't see red or can't remember what to call it. Then again I turn it around and say"at least he is enjoying the birds and gets more excited about the cardinals then the others, so something is triggering still the artist within.
Got to run and visit Sams for more seeds...........

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