Thursday, April 10, 2008

Turn around a bad day

Bob wants to go home to his Aunts and Uncles, a new one, if they were still alive they would be about 120 years old. Time to put the alarms on so we can catch him if he leaves.
I am going out in the yard just about measuring how tall my perennials got. I just have to see something positive because my head is splitting.
Ok so I am doing well after I saw that the Dutch Iris did not freeze after all and are in buds!Yeah!
Bobby's seed planting is coming along too and some of the roses are wielding buds.
The weather man said we will drop another 15 degrees again tomorrow.
That is not so hot!
Tomorrow, another day.
Tomorrow big 12 hour sale at the store.
We better sell or we will have more hours cut.
We are having some really nice duds at 75 Percent off.
Glad it is evening and I can go to sleep soon and forget the world.

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