Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bad mood days

Been in a bad mood for a few days and can't get out of it.
Have not been listening to the news lately because I can't handle that either.
The Corgy is finally back to chasing the cat and Toto.
We have no idea what Bob is feeding these animals.
He is sneaky about it.
Funny how he remembers there are No No's but not why we should not
feed them milk etc...
I am afraid to buy anything with chocolate in.
Then we read that onions too are bad for dogs.

Old B is constantly giving bad looks at the son.
I told Bobby yesterday that I usually tell him "it will get better" but with this problem
that does not work anymore.
It will not get better.

Getting hot so Bobby put the screens in the windows, we do not have AC,
Old Bob keeps coming and closing the windows.
He is afraid of intruders.

I am glad that I still have a place to go to work.
How long they will keep us open and if there is hope at
the end of this recession tunnel , I do not know.

I know very little these days , just to be in a bad mood
and I hate that. It is not my nature to run around
like that.

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