Friday, April 18, 2008

Time Out

Had two days and one night away from the house.
Sabrina , my grandson and a friend took some time off to
go to Tennessee.
The mountains were in full bloom withe dogwoods and
purple wild plum trees.
It was just magical to see the new greens on the trees and
a bit of snow on the tops of the Smokey's.
I left old B with young B and it turned out to be a great combination.
Bobby cooked , fixedhis coffee the way he likes it and gave his meds.
When I walked in and asked foolishly "Did you miss me?"
He said"No. why?"
I said " I was gone 2 days" and the sweet man said:
I did not notice it.
I was delighted for I did not feel guilt that I had left him.
It was a dangerous question for if he had indeed missed me then I would
not dare to go out again.
So all is well. I had a great relaxing time and everyone survived !!!!
Sabrina told me that we will try and do this every month.
We are surrounded by the great mountains and lakes so we can
always find a place within 1 or 2 hour ride.
It is great to get a "normal" view of everything and be out once in awhile.

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