Monday, March 31, 2008


Not much new this side of the world. We are back to cold weather (45) when it was 70 last week. Cleaned up some of the pyracantha bushes but now it is too cold to work out there.
Shop is slow. I am slowing down, weather getting to me? I dunno/ I have much work on my plate and I am procrastinating writing letters to my friends and family. I did not even write a New Year letter to my Belgian cousin (a very traditional thing) what is worse is that I can't remember if she wrote. I am tired most of the time and yet do not finish my chores.
Old B. doing same as always, but he made Carwen quite ill, the new dog, a Corgy belonging to young B. She was ill for 3 days but old B keeps feeding the dogs stuff. We do not know what made her sick this time. I think our Maltese is used to the junk now being fed, he was ok.
Worse he hides it from us. He is quite sneaky, he has not lost the memory on how to be sneaky.
Found a new site for women
Try it sometime.
Google is sending me info on Alzheimer and I can't believe it but there is porno stuff in there
too. Give me a break!!!!Why would they put the word Alzheimer in there to attract people to their site? Can't believe it.
I just asked for info on dementia / Alzheimer .
Lets see if I can stop this log and start writing to cousin Janine.

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