Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter 2008

The perks of having Rhonda work at the Biltmore estate is that we can go on the property with her at no charge. So since Steinmart was closed on Easter and I had finally a Sunday off we could just run about on the grounds and in the shops of the famous castle. Shops had pretty much the same decorator items we see now in our own store , at Kirkland , etc...The buyers seem to all strive for the roosters, the sun bursts in iron, the bunnies and angels for gardens.

I am glad I no longer have to buy for my shop. You compete with the big houses and
the little shop is lost.

But, I did have a great time looking around and checking out the garden store.
Since wine does not work well with psoriasis , I was out of luck to taste the wine.
The kiddies had a tub where they could squash the grapes, have their feet washed
and pictures taken. What fun , just to get your feet blue and mother will laugh!

There were Easter eggs hunts and the small fry ran around with lovely baskets and

Rhonda gave us the idea of the 80 miles on the property of horse trails.
I will leave them behind.
Of special passes now just for hikers (since an old couple got killed on the Parkway recently)
castle property is well guarded.
Bike and skatings paths everywhere.
The landscaper who designed Central Park also designed the lay out of this enormous
acreage. (fergot the total)
When an employee finds themselves at the gate they have often a 20 minute ride
in the park before they reach their job.

Bob was given a choice to go or not go and he was excited like a kid to go and
see the castle. We have been there many times but he fergot it.
The shops made him extremely nervous. (He used to spend more time in shops than I did)
this time he kept tugging my hand towards the door and said:This is the exit , we need to go.
We need to go.

After awhile I took his hand and put it in Rhonda's and said: Your turn.
She then took him where he wanted to go and I got to snoop a little longer.
He did not want ice cream.(what a wonder) he just wanted to get back into the car.

Years ago when we made Victorian Father Christmas dolls we were commissioned by the staff to make 2 dolls for them.
I could only use Victorian fabrics and toys.
I cut an old velvet cape which was embroidered with passementrie and black jet beads and went to town. Made him into a peddler doll. Year after year he stands proudly on one of the bedrooms not far from a Renoir on the wall.
Then we also made them an old sled with a Victorian Father Christmas in the sled, a
leather horse was pulling the sled.
When son was in High School, his automotive class went to the castle and he bragged
about his parents dolls. The guys just roared. Yeah! Kensinger, yeah for sure they
are your parents dolls. The guard put an end to the argument, picked up the doll
and showed our signatures. Triumph for young Bob , well, for a day anyway.

The Christmas display is always the tops and their designers are often on Good Morning America during the holidays.

With the promise that we will return when the thousands of tulips are in bloom we said
goodbye to the Vanderbilts home and went home.
Nice day, a bit on the cool side for end of March but nice anyway to get away.

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