Friday, March 14, 2008


Between all the confusion of our household there is one constant.
One constant which is a joy like no other joy!
Our Maltese , Toto, has been with us almost 4 years.
I honestly do not know how the last 4 years would have worked out
without him. I think these dark black eyes looking straight into mine
can read my mind.

Enters our son's return home to help me out and he has a
Corgy, the kind the Queen in England has hanging around her legs.
Karwen is her name. I was not very sure how this addition would
work out. So...guess what?
She too has stolen my heart.
She is so calm and sweet.
She wants to sit on my lap but she is not 6 lbs like Toto
this girl has weight on her so she is not exactly a lap dog but she rests
at my feet while I type and Toto in my lap.
If you are wondering that a dog would mean more work (like I did at first)
just ignore that thought. A pet will help you in so many ways.
They are loyal and great loving company.
Do not give up on them.
Check out the shelters for a nice calm one.

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