Saturday, March 8, 2008

always about the car

I was stuck in bed a few days with some sort of bug which always upsets old B.
He does not remember that two minutes ago I told him I was sick.
So he comes into the bedroom, shakes me and asks:
Are you ok?
This routine is being repeated all day long.
Somewhere deep inside of him, he knows that I am his caregiver and that he
needs me. He gets frightened

Then he found son's keys again and got into the car, lucky for us
he did not try to go. We are doubting that he remembers how,
he left it in different gear and turned on the blinkers.
We have to watch over the keys with more care.

Then the war came when we asked for the keys, he refused to give up
the jeans so we knew they had to be in there.
Long story short, he became very agitated, yelling and so on
but as Marcell writes in her book "Elder Rage"
I no longer argue with him.
I simply said: If you are going to be accusing and yelling then you
have to do it by yourself.
I left the room, when I returned he had calmed down.
Marcell writes that like with kids we let them know we do not
accept bad behavior soon this too then stops.

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