Saturday, March 15, 2008


76 Trombones......make my parade day today.
Born in 1932 this indeed has to add up to 76 years.
I just cant figure out who that old bird is looking at me in the mirror.
Surely not me. I am 40 something....oh well......

At work I got a cake with 1 candle , manager said we were too broke for 76 of them.
She is not kidding. Boy this economy is a wreck.
We are all but giving away the stuff.
One the gals gave me plants. It was so nice as we are all hurting financially.
Even mgrs do not make the big bucks in retail.

I came home and Bob gave me a little paper pouch from his cereal,
the instant oatmeal kind.
In it he had put some quarters.
I of course had to cry.
I had it on the his list that today was my birthday and he must have read
it many times as he did not forget.

Every day I write a list with the time I will be home
and when to walk the dog.
He follows that list very closely.

I am sorry for the Atlanta people who had to deal with a tornado, we had
been told we would have high winds but things were not bad at all.

We are 185 miles from Atlanta more or less and love the city.
We used to work monthly antique shows there.
well, cookies are waiting for me.

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