Friday, March 14, 2008

still down

Whatever bug is trying to be my friend is still here and hanging on.
No energy , cough, sneeze, wheeze, cough some more, day and night.
This is taking up a lot of my time.
Tomorrow I am 76.
Celebrating? I do not feel like it at all. It is another day and
if I wake up and I am alive then I made it to 76!
Voila, a lot of people are not that lucky(?)

Bob has no idea, has no idea what a birthday means.
Told me when I came home:
someone was here looking for you.
I do not know her name.
(it was daughter number one, Rhonda)

Yesterday I suffered a great deal of guilt thanks to my upbringing no doubt.
I wanted to go get milk with Rhonda , alone in her car, just 20 minutes
in quiet and no one following me in the store.
Bob came out, said :
Can I come?
Rhonda opens the car of the Odyssey and I cross my eyes.
I just wanted to be alone in the store.
Bob said: I was sitting there all day praying that some one would
take me somewhere.
Ouch ouch ouch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Poor guy, poor guy, mean Mama , mean Mama!!!!

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