Sunday, March 9, 2008

Garden watch is on

As the buds start coming out on my favorite plants and bushes I have to start
a garden watch.
For the past several years ,old B who was an avid gardener, decided to cut down
whatever started to spring up from the earth.
So some of the tulips never made it to come out and play, the plants were cut to
the ground as soon as a blade would come to the surface.
The Hostas received the same welcome from my husband gardener.
I was surprised that the climbing roses made it at all.
So after planting 100 bulbs last fall I am on garden duty and try to protect
what comes up with more mulch or just with keeping the culprit inside.
Spring is in the air for everyone and Bob is also allergic to something at that
time, his face would swell up so he could almost play the Beast in the
Beauty and the Beast.
We do try to keep him inside but it is hard.
No use to tell him to leave the plants alone, he will forget after one minute.
I am telling him that I have worm droppings in the ground perhaps that
will stop him but here again for how long?
(Yes, I do buy worm droppings and they are the best organic fertelizer
you can get) Check them on eBay!

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