Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Yikes, my day off , I have no energy, trying to do some sorting in my
eBay store and I am worn out.
Bob is walking around in circles all day.
Open the door , looks for mail, opens the door looks for mail, over and over again.
Drinks too much coke, I gave him ice tea and hide the coke, he finds the coke.
I have a hard time with patience today.
I do not know why he is so agitated and what he is constantly looking for.
It is also raining cats and dogs and our Maltese hates water drops, just hates them.
The Corgy does not care, she just runs about with her little short legs, I am sure her
belly must get wet.
But Toto is the drama king, he should not have his silken hair wet, period.
Can't wait to get into the garden.
Son does very well with seeds and I don't so I ordered some nice flowering seeds
and he set up a contraption with lights to star them indoors.
We shall see.

Daughter in law was bitten by one of these bad spiders , a recluse or something like
that , I am worried about her. A friend at work struggled with that for 3 years now
and has to take Cancer drugs (hair falling out etc...) to get it cleared up.
She has been to Duke and to numerous specialist but the truth is , they did not clean it out sufficiently in the beginning.
These are nasty bites.
Hope that Ari will have the right help.

Good news: Daughter 1 gave up teaching (too much paperwork etc....) and found a great job at the Biltmore castle. She is a romantic person and always loved the castles we visited in
Europe, she will love it there.
Biltmore is a great employer with many perks. They also want the family of the employees
to come and visit often and give passes for this.
Rhonda is floating.
She was exhausted after all the years of teaching and doing paperwork night after night.
She was an ESL teacher and had to keep papers for the government for each kid
day in and day out. With migrant workers coming in our area all the time, the work was
never ending. Her little son always had a couch in her classroom and many a time she
had a police escort to her car with her sleepy child in her arms when it was past 11.
Her new job is 9 to 5 , go home and do not think about anything but a nice evening with Peter and family.

I also found out that grandson Kahleb is on his way this summer to visit us.
He lives in Sweden and young Bob tells me that the kids is an absolute genius with
computer programs. He is also fluent in both languages. I am looking forward to his visit.

Oh well, with the good over riding the negative I al starting to be in a better mood.

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