Thursday, March 20, 2008


As I wrote before, daughter Rhonda stopped teaching and is now working at the only historical castle left in the USA which is privately owned.

We have seen so many castles in Europe and when we came to W.N.C. we thought, oh yeah, another one here that will be something. But we were surprised how lovely it truly is and what treasures it holds.
When they started to grow grapes we said "Oh No that will never work"
Again we were wrong , Biltmore wines are a great success.
Today's owners are making it work.
To be a part of their staff we are finding out is not that easy.
So Rhonda was lucky to get a great job there and here are the photos they took
yesterday and gave them in lovely folders to the new employees.

You all come and visit the castle. It is well worth it.

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