Wednesday, March 5, 2008

And you are ????

With family far away and not quite understanding the advancement of Alzheimer
it becomes very hard for the relatives to come to grip with the new reality.

If you are not here every day , you can't picture how that person has changed.
You knew the person when they were bright, funny, working, contributing to
conversations about the economy,politics, religions.

Now you ask the person a question and most of the time he/she will try and
bluff or will just give up and start to tell what comes first in their mind.
B. does not remember once he picks up the phone who he is talking to.
Not even our kids. Once the telephone is in the cradle he does not remember
a word of what was said. He can't even bluff his way through it.

Very difficult for a relative or friend to come to grips with that.
Hard for them not to be "known" by the person.

Try being a wife, son, daughter and he does not know you.
Tells you to leave the house and go to your own house (he told me this many times)

If he handled more than one call in a day or had more than one kid show up
in the same day, then he figures we have a lot of people here.
It is then my job to tell them all to go.
He truly thinks I can do that.
I hate the hallucinations.

The medication given for hallucinations makes him ill to his stomach so I stopped them.
Why should he be hurting?
If he sees people then so be it, we just have to send them home.
Hope this will work for awhile yet.

Till later......................

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