Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I lost it again

I just hate it when I can't cope. Granted it does not last long but when the tears
come and the exhaustion of the situation sets in then I can't stand it.
I always want to be strong, I want to be this iron woman who can handle
everything. Often these days I am made of paper, rice paper at that , the kind you
can see through and crumbles if you sneeze.
In the span of 30 minutes I became rice paper.
I put money of the table for the pizza man who was going to deliver in a few minutes.
Then I noticed that my keys were gone from the door, this happens all the time.
Bob hid them inside a sock and then in his pocket.
He hides keys all the time.
A search in his jeans is like trauma to him but I did find them.
A knock on the door: Pizza man is here.
Money is gone!
Lucky I found enough in my purse to pay him.
Then a search for the money. Son found it later.
Then I walked in when he was giving cereal AGAIN to the dogs and cat
with lots of milk.
Toto had thrown up a bunch of meat Bob gave him and he could not
digest it.
Now the milk dilemna is almost daily.
In the 1930's we grew up giving milk to the cats.
SO he goes back to that time slot.
Small incidents, you say, why get upset?
Because there are days that your "patience jar" is empty !
Will crying help?
No but as my Mother used to say when I cried for nothing :
OK Jeannot keep crying you will not have to pee so much then.
Enough said
I have to go to the powder room!

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