Saturday, August 9, 2008

Flowers are wilting so am I

Flowers are beginning to wilt as we are on a water restriction program.
I am sad, my farden is always a joy.

Had a very busy week , Grandson from Sweden visited often during his vacation here.
He was a sweetheart. Grand son , almost teen ager Zack was here a few days, then Peter the other 9 year old and then Oscar from Texas.
A lot of male interaction.
Sometimes B had to interfere and give them some rules.
Most of the time was spent playing different games.
Some outdoor stuff but the 90 plus heat stopped that rather quickly.

Next week back to normal./
Old dad will be happy , too much commotion

I walked home today and went out to lunch by myself at a restaurant in the old mini mall where I had my shop for 27 years.
The decor had changed, the owner had changed.
It was not too busy there for lunch anyway.
I invited all the people from the past to join me to lunch, wherever they are............
Big John, little John ,his wife, Inez, Carol, Louise, Boyce.....
we lost a bunch in those years
I did enjoy my lunch, I even had my back to the big flat screen on the wall.
I wanted to be alone with my own movie.
It was amazing how it all came back.
I saw Carol in her old store before she moved with her counter in the middle and a smile on her gorgeous face.
Louise across the hall in the first craft shop that Hendersonville had.
She was stern and a no nonsense lady.
Carol would run in the afternoon to the ice cream counter which later became the Samovar.
The center mall was quiet.
Bob had a one man show there.
Must have been about 1976.
My little shop was minuscule, I paid 90.00 rent a month.
SOmetimes it was hard getting that together.
Had B's paintings and some antiques we brought with us from Europe.
Inez had her beauty shop when we came in there.
She lasted forever and left us with lung cancer as did the Samovar owner , her name I fergot.
Every hairdo that came out of the beauty shop was the same.
The old ladies loved Inez.
I could still see the opening of the Samovar.
A couple of young yuppies had opened a restaurant named the Alley Kat and it
was a great success so with that in mind they came to our
deserted mini mall and opened up the Samovar.
A brass Samovar was standing in the middle of the wall.
I felt sorry for these people as they were putting a lot of money in that area.
Opening day came and the yuppies were lined all the way to the parking lot.
I had never seen anything like it there.
We had it made, the restaurant is what kept us alive.
Oh Gosh ...too many memories for one blog.

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