Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ed Bagley visits us

I thought it odd that old B. was sitting at the table and doing a lot of mumbling.
He is usually quiet and has a hard time making a sentence.
Now he seemed to be talking to himself and I needed to find out
what the story was.

"What are you talking about" I asked.

"This man on TV, right there (as he pointed) he was at my house all the time"

I looked at TV and saw Ed Bagley ordering a special cake.
A "green motif" cake no less.

Bob continued in long sentences.

"he lived here on that street ( a design on the table) and we lived here...
and he was at my house all the time. "

"he was a nice man, I like him a lot but then I think he brought us vegetables".

Once this whole session was over with, he put his head down ever so slightly and
fell asleep again at the kitchen table.

Ed Begley no doubt looked like someone he remembered from his youth.

Well, that same day Prez Bush came on.
Bob never, ever, liked him. Bob was a born democrat.
He looked at the TV and mumbled.
He had not reacted to the Prez in a long time but now he got agitated
about the man on the telly.
I asked him what was going on and he replied:
" that man, that man is bad".
I asked why and he replied : " I do not know but bad is bad".
back to the snoozing.
I was very surprised that he had some recollection of Bush as he has no
idea an election is going to happen and Bush will be gone.

I was not that lucky when it came to bed time.
He had again built a barricade between my side of the bed and his.
My roll pillows come in handy for that, 3 rolls and voila!
He said he did not want me to touch him. Therefore the separation.
He did not know me.
I lost it. I told him some nasty things and knew I was talking to a wall but I could not keep it in.
I think I even used a four letter word, which is not normal for me.
I threw the pillows on the other side of the room and crawled in bed.
A few hours later, he woke up, took my hand and kissed it.
All was well again. He knew somehow it was OK to be next to him.
My last four letter word to him then was "Love ye"
He said "me too" and we slept.
All was well again.

How many times have I done this? Dozens of times.
Do I get used to it and laugh at it? Sometimes and sometimes I just can't handle it like a lady.

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