Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Snow flakes giving a new meaning

Had the best day yesterday all because of a few tiny snowflakes.

Between a dark cloud and sunshine we had just a 10 minute snow flurry.
The first of the year.

Husband came to the door and looked bewildered.
I asked what was wrong and he pointed to the snow flakes.

I explained this was snow and how much he likes snow being a native Californian.
He did n't understand the concept.
He kept staring to the minute flakes.

I had his food ready so he sat down to start eating his oatmeal and after two bites
he went back to the door but this time I saw complete awe and twinkles in his
eyes. He saw snow for the first time (again) and like a toddler he was completely
enchanted with the magic of it all. Flakes falling out of the sky, imagine that!

I had not seen this kind of joy on his face for a long time and I coul n't help it
but I fell right with him in the wonder of nature and soon we were both giggling
like little kids. Snow!!Snow!!
Within minutes the sun won out and the dark cloud had vanished.
I thought the display had been put there so old Bob would have something
to enjoy today.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear you had a good time. I am also a California native, now in Indiana. I, too, get a thrill when it starts to snow. Right now just the pretty trees in color are beautiful.
I find I am surprised I don't miss California, just my old friends.
My dad is settling into a "fun" stage. He rarely gets upset now. He is actually very sweet.