Wednesday, October 22, 2008 will be over soon

I am angry today and want this election over with.
It tampers with my health ....because...I let it get to me.

I guess since old Bob can't reason about politics and does not know
we are about to get a new President, so I am taking on his voice with mine.

If one is going to name names then I am guessing you would call me a liberal.
Here is what I do when a form is presented and they call for a race:
I write in "human race". Learned that from Frank.

When I hear bashing about sexuality I just tell them that I do not want to know who is sleeping with whom as long as it is not me, I have no interest in other people's sexual activities.

Do I want young girls to go back to the butchers and the clothe hangers
so they can abort? No. Abortion is very emotional,painful, but what happens when there is no money, no experience, no support, no daddy, no housing, no medicine to take care of a child. Are we so well equipped in this country to take care of
that. Like with eldercare we put people's urgent needs between cracks of paperwork until you are either lost or dead.

Does a woman have a right to decide about her body, her child's future?
You are darn right.

Am I religious? That is no one's business.
Religion, Faith, is a private journey.
A wise man once said to my husband : you are NOT going to heaven on a tandem bicycle. So we each had our beliefs and no religious battles were to be found in our home.
I have a sign in my kitchen which tells the story: God does not want religious nuts but spiritual fruit.

I like to think that I am spiritual. That came after a long search in many brick buildings of worship with fancy altars and men in different types of garb telling me stories.

I have been a registered independent for years but became a democrat before the last election. The last 8 years have given me fits of anger.
Especially the war. I know what war is. The day we invaded Iraq I kept thinking of all the 8 year olds afraid of the war noises outside, afraid to think they would die or their mom would die.
People told me over and over again that I was liberated by the Americans.
So true. I never ever forgot that.
But we begged for help, most of Europe on their knees begging.
It also took some time before America took it on as a mission.
What comparison is that with Iraq?
Iraq was an illegal invasion.
How many lives have we lost? how many Iraquis have died?

Why today of all days to be so angry.

I think the bear incident at Western started it.
A young bear cub was brought to the doorsteps of Western Carolina University wrapped in Obama poster, he had been shot in the head.

Today the chancellor is saying that it was NOT political but a prank.
I read many people answering this on line and asking for all of us
to call the chancellor for more follow up. No one is buying that story.

They just happened to have found a bear cub shot and dragged it
to the college. Give me a break.

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