Monday, October 27, 2008

If he could write a book.................

I keep on wondering what quality of life a person has
who is suffering with dementia/ Alzheimer.

Are they thinking happy thoughts?
Are they sad?
Are they aware that they are sick?
Are they able to still love?

My husband smiles a lot. Laughs out loud at the wrong times (like when I cry)
Does not know his best friend has passed, that our dog is gone and that is the
reason we have a new pup.
He does not know that so there are no tears or sadness.
Does he know somewhere deep inside of the dying brain? I do not see it.
Does he know he has dementia? No, he just tells me that he forgets now and then.
I do not think he understands pain. He had a sore in his neck and I found it
while washing him. It must have hurt but he did not say a word about it.
Is he still able to love?
I think he still has moments of warm fuzzy feelings.
I kisses the puppy a lot.
When he knows me I can see the love in his eyes, when he thinks I am
a stranger the eyes are a cold metal like stare, it makes me uncomfortable.

What kind of book would he write now if he could?

Will we ever know?

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