Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Safety first

Safety. Like with little children you must consider the safety of an Alzheimer patient.

I purchased a new stove last year and I was petrified that my husband would try the buttons and turn it on.
This is a flat top glass stove so if you put anything on there and someone turns it on that could
mean a disaster.

Daughters who remembered what to do with the little ones bought covers for the buttons at a baby store.
I cant even start the stove when they are on.

Bought gadget for some of my closets so he can't open them.
He soon even forgot to try.

We puchased an alarm system for the driveway, it beeps when someone comes in or goes out.
We can hear if he goes beyond the driveway.
We also installed 2 nany cameras (purchased at Toys R Use about 150.00) places them where
we want to see where he goes.

These are not very expensive gadgets but they do help a lot.

The necklace with his ID will only work when he puts it on and he does not like to
wear it.

I had purchased a long thick foam to prevent him from falling out of the bed.
He did fall one time and that is a great concern.
The foam did not work.
He would push it so it would finally fall on the floor.
I now push a heavy overstuffed chair right by his side of the bed.
He tends to sleep on the edge these days but the chair is so heavy
and he can't fall in between either.
So that worked.

I undid the locks in the bathroom, he would lock the door and go to the bedroom (adjacent) and
no one could get to him or the bathroom.

My friend had to get one of these steering wheel locks for the car as her husband still wants to drive.
My husband broke several keys in the car door trying to get in.
Son now owns the car but he does not understand that.

Removed all small rugs, that helps both of us, neither one of us needs a broken hip.
I have to be here to help him and a hospital stay would mess him up beyond anything.

He lost his wedding ring twice, he was very attached to it and very upset.
He is one of these guys who never removed it.
We were lucky to find it again after each loss but then I got smart, I went on eBay,
found a sterling with gold wash wedding ring like his and ordered that
while I hid the old one.
He wears this new one and does not know the difference.
Oddly he now wears it on his right hand.

I usually have extra milk in the house, he will open a new one before the other is empty.
Somehow I never knew actually how much milks I had left, often I had 2 half full.
SO now I mark a big "NO" with black marker on the milk jar and he does pay attention to that.
For how long is a ?????

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Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry! it sounds like you sleep about the same as I do for different reasons. I could write a book...and you could too with different stories. Here it si 1am and I'm awake.