Thursday, October 16, 2008

A new day

I taught my children that they could sit on a pity pot for 3 days and then pick yourself up and do what needs to be done.
Did not always work.
Does not always work with me.
I have sat on that pot many times in the last ten years.
I would like to think that i got up in time and did what needed to be done.

After I lost Toto on Monday I thought I would not make it.
I was not being a drama queen but I so ached and my b p is so high anyway
that I was thinking a stroke was going to be on the way.

So 3 days I sat on the couch, no changing of clothing, no brushing teeth, eating
junk like cookies and coke.
Then something unexpected happened, I decided to have another puppy.
I need to do something with the love I have to give in return I need companionship,
unconditional love that only a four footed fur ball is able to give.
You step on their tail and they come to lick you and say "you are forgiven, I still love you!".
Where else do you find that?

So I searched on the web and found a 10 week old Maltese , just about the same
age that Toto was when we got him.
On the internet he looks adorable.
We shall go and visit him tomorrow and see if we "gell".
or is it "jell". I do not know, I am in la la land.

No other puppy can replace Toto, no way , I would be extremely lucky if he had the same energy and caregiving attitude.
So I feel like a kid on Christmas eve.
I went to work and managed to balance everything.
So I guess I am off the 3 day period and on my way up.
Pull yourself by your expensinve Merrell shoes, old gal, and get going again.
Manana is another day.

Will post a photo when we get Bijou
May change the name by then too.
I am somewhat drunk with new power.
Something to look forward to.


Anonymous said...

OH NO!!! I won't be telling you know who. My kids still talk about toto and they just saw him a couple times. I hope you find a wonderful new puppy to love!


Anonymous said...

OH NO!! I won't be telling you know who. Both kids still talk about Toto and they only saw him a couple times. I hope you find a wonderful new friend to love!


Jeannot said...

Thanks for the note, Joy.
Better not to tell the little ones.
I did get a new puppy today and it will keep me on my toes for awhile too. Love to all