Friday, October 24, 2008

wet Friday, we need the rain still.

It's late in the day and I am exhausted but did the shopping with daughter Sabrina who was sick with sinus infection. She is such a trouper to take me shopping.
Bob just is getting lost sometimes between the bathroom and bedroom. (3 steps)
Every night it starts around 6 when he starts walking around and around like he needs
to do a marathon in the morning.
He follows me everywhere, I get frustrated, feeling sorry for him, feeling sorry for me.
Then I have to show him where he sleeps and then he asks me where I sleep.
The routine is monotonous it just repeats day after day.
So somehow he remembers that something about the sleeping arrangement worries him.

It has been rather cold today, tried to go and vote but the line was too long to stand in the rain.
Now that I am on 3 days off a week I count the days that I do work.
Two more and I am off.
Like the kids used to do " 3 more sleeps and vacation".
I do hope to be able to leave at the New Year.
They are not going to like it at work.
Bad news today: our CEO of a few months is leaving.
Was she fired? First female CEO we had.
She said she is retiring and they are searching with an international company for a new CEO.
Strange to me is that they do not find one within the ranks to just step up.
Our stock has dropped to 1.90
but then today was also a very bad day on Wall street.
The world is changing.
I better to got bed, I am morose and tired.
Goodnight friends wherever you are.

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